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What You Need to Know About Independent Medical Examinations

If you are dealing with a personal injury case, one necessary step on your road to recovering your losses may be to get an independent medical examination (IME). In today’s blog post we’re looking at what an IME is and what role it plays in a personal injury case — for better or for worse.

The Bad Side of IMEs

When you’re injured, the doctor who determines how you should be treated and takes care of you as you experience each part of the treatment is called, logically, your “treating doctor.” This could be your primary care physician or a doctor who specializes in treating the type of injury you have endured. It is a doctor with whom you develop a relationship and he or she has deep knowledge of your medical situation.

However, some might argue that the closeness of your relationship with your treating doctor creates bias. That’s why the liable party is allowed to insist on an IME, in which a doctor of their choosing will examine you. This doctor may say that you don’t need further treatment, even when your treating doctor says you do. In truth, the fact that the liable party selects the doctor for your IME makes their neutrality somewhat hard to believe — and it doesn’t work in your favor.

How do you make sure your IME doctor is honest about your examination? You could bring a witness to the examination with you. An IME set up by your side of the case with a different medical provider could also be used to rebut whatever findings the liable party’s IME doctor makes. 

The Good Side of IMEs

On the other hand, sometimes an IME is a good thing and can be used to your advantage. Some people with personal injuries might want and seek out an IME.

People don’t always disagree with their doctors. Even with years of medical training, a doctor can’t feel what you are feeling. Misdiagnoses and improper treatments, unfortunately, happen all the time. When this is piled on top of an injury caused by someone else’s negligence it can be really frustrating. One course of action is to get a second opinion by seeking an IME.

Who can help me with my personal injury case and IME issues?

If you have a personal injury case, you need an attorney by your side. Your personal injury attorney can help you navigate the ins and outs of IMEs. At Sutton Law Group, we help our clients prepare for their IMEs and protect their interests through the process. Contact us today to get started.

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