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Why Should You Hire Sutton Law Group?

When you are facing criminal charges, recovering from a catastrophic injury, or facing a major business lawsuit from a disgruntled competitor, you don’t want to entrust your future to just any Miami law firm. This is why we’re letting our clients tell you what it’s like to work with Sutton Law Group.

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John Sutton and his staff have been informative, detailed and professional!

Tyling M. Batista

Love love love him and the entire law group. You’ll be in for a real treat if he’s your attorney because he’s amazing. Very sharp and a memory better than anyone I’ve ever known!! They fight the hardest for you than anyone else will and treat you with the upmost respect that you deserve. I promise you will not be disappointed!!

Kristina Riggs

Mr. Sutton was always available whenever I needed him. A fantastic attorney who always put in a tremendous amount of work on my case. I highly recommend him!

Carlos A. Peñate

John R Sutton has been my attorney for the last 6 years. I do not add my name as my case is still active in the Courts. When I reach final disposition, I will sign this recommendation with full disclosure. This firm has handled issues for me that include Family Law, Employment Law and Civil Litigation. I retained John Sutton for his reputation of Integrity, Legal Knowledge, Trial Law, Board Certification in Civil Litigation and his experience with Family Law. I can tell you that I am often amazed by the scope of his mind, he can remember and cite information which most of us forgot after we read it. Exceptional. I believe that every law student should be required to sit in on one if his trials to learn the proper way to formulate, present and defend an argument. If that were to happen, we would have a much greater population of Attorneys that are fair, competent and respect the law our Country designed. His office staff is highly skilled and work for him because they can’t imagine working for anyone else. I will keep Mr. Sutton as my attorney for everything I need and very often recommend him to others to correct the mistakes made by high powered, over priced attorneys with outrageous fees and an outcomes which have left people destitute. John Sutton has a reputation with the Judges in Miami that is one of admiration and respect. I give John and his staff my highest recommendation.


I came across Mr.Sutton by a google search and was very pleased with his professional advice. Very honest and caring man. He listened to my story and answered all my questions thoroughly. He was the only person that was able to help me. I appreciate his guidance and would recommend him to anyone.

Vianka Arriera

In my role of representing Harvard Medical School’s Schepens Eye Research Institute and Massachusetts Eye and Ear, I met John in 2008 when he presented me with his story, his determination to get his vision back and to help raise awareness and funding to make that happen. In spite of total blindness and other related injuries I watched John rebuild his life, his legal practice while also single-handedly creating national television awareness of optic nerve-related blindness and generating over a half-million dollars in research funding that continues to this day. He is a man of great personal strength and integrity who I am proud to call my friend.

Rich Godfrey

I have known John Sutton for 20 years. I have always found his honesty and integrity to be stellar. He has a brilliant mind, an incredible memory as well as an exceptionally strong work ethic. He cares deeply about his clients and their causes. Without a doubt, he is one of the top attorneys in South Florida and I always value his legal advice.

Manuel Alonso MD

I have know John Sutton for several decades. For many years I was his accountant. He fits the criteria that Readers Digest had for the most unforgettable character I have known.
He has survived adversity that would have destroyed most individuals. Not just survived but triumphed. He is an outstanding attorney. The clients and friends that I have referred to him over the years received excellent service and results. A man of courage, personal ethics and outstanding professional credential and track record. He is one of these individuals that makes you feel special just because you can say he is your friend.

John Pell

I have known John Sutton as friend and co-counsel for the past thirty years. I have handled and tried to verdict multiple cases by his side both before and after the unfortunate loss of his sight.
Strangely, if anything, the loss of his sight made him even a more formidable opponent in the courtroom. His dedication to the profession and his clients is admirable. He will leave no stone unturned in the pursuant for justice for his clients. Although I am proud to have served alongside him in multiple cases, I am far more proud to call him my friend. If I needed a lawyer, I believe that I would need one just like John.

W. Wright Gammon, Jr.

I have known John Sutton personally and professionally for 15 years and he has not only a vast amount of knowledge and experience in and out of the courtroom but he is a living example of integrity, persistence and common sense in all facets of his life. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Drew Stoken, MD, FACS

John is a special kind of person. He has been unconditionally supportive to me personally and professionally. When he sets a goal, he works tirelessly to achieve it—even when others might tell him it’s not possible!

Katie Zinn

I have known John Sutton for approximately 15 years. He is an excellent attorney who is conscientious and to the point with a good fund of knowledge. He is always attentive, returns phone calls immediately and does the appropriate research necessary in each and every case. I recommend him highly.

Richard Friefeld