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5 Tips for Dealing with Insurance Adjusters

If you claim insurance after an accident, your insurer will send out an insurance adjuster to assess the damage. They will call you and will probably ask to visit your property to collect evidence. They will also likely ask you some questions to help them carry out their evaluation. Although insurance adjusters must remain impartial, the insurance company has hired them, which means the adjuster’s offer will benefit Read More

Don’t Be Fooled: A Misdemeanor Is Still a Serious Charge

Many people are not fully aware of the consequences of a misdemeanor. A misdemeanor conviction–in particular, a violent or drug-related offense–can carry severe punishments and have a profound effect on your life. Sometimes people do not think this type of charge is serious, as they can only pay a decent fine and spend one or two nights in prison. However, a misdemeanor remains on your public record for the remainder Read More

5 Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

We often believe that our loved ones are safe, secured, and well taken care of in a nursing home. However, our trust can be shattered when our loved ones experience abuse and negligence from the nursing home staff. Do you have a loved one who lives in a nursing home? If you do or know someone who does, these warning signs of nursing home abuse can help you save them. 1. Bruises or other injuries that have no Read More

Welcome to Our New Site!

Thank you for visiting our new website! Within its pages, you'll find expert knowledge, landmark cases we've won and feel confident knowing you've found a dedicated, determined team of attorneys to take your case.    Please contacts us today to discuss how we can help you during this stressful time.  Read More

5 Signs Your Commercial Dispute Is Headed for Litigation

Commercial disputes are inevitable in business. No matter what the size of your company, you may end up in a situation where a customer isn’t paying your invoice, your supplier delivers substandard goods that you refuse to pay for, or you and your partner have a serious disagreement that could spell the end of the business. Some commercial disputes are solved by an apology, making an overdue payment, or reaching an Read More

Personal Injury Law 101: What Is Negligence?

Most personal injury cases in Florida arise from some type of accident, such as an automobile collision, slip and fall, or unexpected dog bite. Since the harm you suffered was not intentional (otherwise it would be a criminal matter), your claim for damages is based on the legal concept of negligence. What Constitutes a Negligent Action? With a negligence case, there are five elements that must be met in order to Read More