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The Florida False Claims Act

You are, no doubt, at least somewhat familiar with the federal False Claims Act, which encourages reporting of fraudulent claims brought to taxpayer-funded programs. Interestingly, this federal law has its roots in the Civil War after defense contractors defrauded the federal government. However, Florida’s version of the False Claims Act is relatively new, having been implemented in 1994. This blog will cover some Read More

What is Loss of Consortium?

Our relationships with others define our lives. Our family members play an integral role in every aspect of our existence, from the emotional to the practical to the financial. That’s why the legal concept of loss of consortium exists. Loss of consortium is what happens when the disabling injury or death of a close family member deprives you of the benefits of your relationship, including but not limited to love and Read More

What You Need to Know About Independent Medical Examinations

If you are dealing with a personal injury case, one necessary step on your road to recovering your losses may be to get an independent medical examination (IME). In today’s blog post we’re looking at what an IME is and what role it plays in a personal injury case -- for better or for worse. The Bad Side of IMEs When you’re injured, the doctor who determines how you should be treated and takes care of you as you Read More

Understanding Wrongful Death

If someone you love - perhaps your spouse, parent, or child - has lost his or her life as a result of someone else’s negligence, you likely feel devastated, bewildered, angry, and lost. At the Sutton Law Group, we understand your pain. While we can’t bring your loved one back, we want to help using our legal knowledge and experience. Depending on the circumstances, it is likely possible that you can file a wrongful Read More

An Introduction to Florida’s Good Samaritan Act

Can you sue someone for damages if they were just trying to help you but accidentally made matters worse? Under Florida law (and in many other states as well), there are provisions in place to protect those who attempt to provide care in an emergency situation. Florida’s Good Samaritan Act states that “Any person, including those licensed to practice medicine, who gratuitously and in good faith renders emergency Read More

Assumption of Risk Explained

If you have been injured, believe your injury was caused by someone else’s negligence, and are pursuing a lawsuit, it’s important to know about the different types of defenses the other side may try to use. One of those is a legal concept known as “assumption of risk.”  Picture this: You decide to take part in an extreme sport like bungee jumping or paragliding. You’re asked to sign a waiver and/or release provision Read More

Relief From Covid 19: Doctrine of Impossibility Force Majeure

We all find ourselves bound by contract conditions we are expected to pay or perform.  Covid 19 has taken the economy and world by virus storm. The workforce suffers devastation for income producers of all classes. The financial crisis was not caused by anyone’s laziness, general unemployability, or discrimination over age, gender, race, or sexual orientation.  The impact varies from person to person and occupation Read More

How to Calculate Lost Income When You’re Self-Employed

If you’re dealing with a personal injury case as the result of a car accident or other incident, part of the goal of your lawsuit is to be compensated for the expenses related to your injuries. These expenses include lost wages or lost income -- in other words, the money you would have earned if you had not been out of work due to your injuries. For people with “regular” jobs, this is fairly easy. They can simply use Read More

Understanding Pain & Suffering

How do you put a price-tag on pain and suffering? At Sutton Law Group, this is a question we often hear from our personal injury clients. When you’re injured due to someone else’s negligence and you sue them, some of the damages are straightforward and relatively easy to calculate. Take medical bills, for example. You know exactly how much your medical bills cost and you have documentation to prove it. But in most Read More

An Introduction to Medical Illustrations

At Sutton Law Group, we are passionate about representing our medical malpractice and personal injury clients with unrivaled creativity and thoroughness. For this reason, we put a lot of thought into the best way to present our clients’ injuries, especially when cases require that we go to court. One of the most effective ways we’ve found to help insurance adjusters, judges, and jurors understand the extent of our Read More