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Wills vs. Trusts: Which is Right For Me?

You want to preserve your legacy for your loved ones and reduce undue taxation on your estate. Is a Will or a Trust the best way to do that? There is no set answer. The best Estate Planning tool for you will depend on your circumstances and your goals for the future. In this blog, we explain the pros and cons of Wills and Trusts so you can determine which one is a better fit for your priorities. Wills Explained A Read More

How to Recognize Credit Discrimination Against Your Florida Business

Using your credit score to gain access to loans your Florida business’s operations, property, or marketing does not occur in a vacuum. Loan officers are people and, by extension, are imperfect beings with biases and prejudices. This is not to say that most or even a significant number of these financial personnel have deep-seated prejudices. However, there is a good reason for laws, such as the Equal Credit Read More

5 Ways to Be a Better Coparent During the Summer

When summer break and activity schedules suddenly have to align with regular visitation, it can be difficult to keep track of everything. The summers are a time for family and fun, and when those things look different than they used to, it can be hard to adjust. You may be asking yourself: How do I coparent during the summer? The answer, of course, is: the same way I do the rest of the year. It just doesn’t always Read More

What if a Florida Business Receives a Notice of Intent to Deny?

In Florida, businesses and professionals who are licensed by state agencies need to hit specific requirements in order to operate. At Sutton Law Group, our work in Florida commercial business litigation lets us see many of these requirements up close. As a part of Florida law, you have to acquire and maintain a license. If your application does not include all the required information, you may receive a Notice of Read More

How Can I Get Full Child Custody in Florida?

A parent’s first thought when they are entering a divorce is normally of their children. Most parents are accustomed to spending every single day with their child. The idea of that changing can be terrifying. Most parents are resistant to the idea of sharing time, which is why one of the questions that we receive most often is “How can I get full sole custody of my child?” Let’s start here: there is no such thing as Read More

What Does a Real Estate Title Search Do?

Anyone who has been through the process of making a real estate transaction knows how difficult it can be. Every time you think that you are in the clear, another hurdle can pop up that you have to deal with. This is certainly true of both selling and purchasing, no matter if it is a new home or a commercial property. One of the most important processes that happens when you are ready to move towards closing is the Read More

5 Reasons to Get a Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial Agreements were once seen as something for celebrities or serial daters on their fifth marriage. Over the past decade, it has become commonplace. As people are waiting longer and longer to get married, they are coming into marriage with more of their own personal life in place and are looking for ways to preserve that. A Prenuptial Agreement addresses what would happen if you and your partner were to ever Read More

5 Tips for Avoiding Construction Disputes

You want to avoid a construction dispute at all costs. A single dispute can escalate quickly to the point of legal action. One dispute can turn a profitable job into a financial loss. They can ruin a hard-working company’s reputation. They are stressful for every single party involved. More often than not, construction disputes can be avoided with a little bit of forethought and a lot of communication. Keep in mind Read More

Comparative vs. Contributory Negligence: Understanding the Difference

Most people know what the word negligence means, but if you are pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, you are likely discovering that there are multiple types of negligence in the court of law. In order to win your case, it will typically be necessary to be able to establish negligence in the other party. This is why it is important to understand the difference between comparative negligence and contributory negligence Read More

Personal Injury Law 101: Types of Damages

Many of us don’t realize how much we rely on our bodies’ wellness until our health is taken away from us. When you’re injured, you lose so much more than you imagined was possible. Fortunately, if your injury was caused by someone else’s negligence, it is often possible to get repaid financially for your damages (otherwise known as what you have lost). Though no amount of money can reverse the damage done, it can Read More