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5 Ways to Be a Better Coparent During the Summer

When summer break and activity schedules suddenly have to align with regular visitation, it can be difficult to keep track of everything. The summers are a time for family and fun, and when those things look different than they used to, it can be hard to adjust. You may be asking yourself: How do I coparent during the summer? The answer, of course, is: the same way I do the rest of the year. It just doesn’t always seem that simple.

Here are five ways that can help you handle coparenting during the most exciting time of the year:

  1. Set your expectations realistically. The summers aren’t intrinsically any different from any other time of the year. Your kids may be tired, hungry, or cranky sometimes. When your time with them is limited, it can feel like you need to make every moment the best moment of their entire lives. It’s essential to remember that the most important thing is family spending time together, not what they do while they’re spending it. It isn’t always going to be perfect.


  1. Make a plan. The best way to avoid surprises is to make a plan for the summers ahead of time. This does not have to be everything you plan on doing and eating every day of the summer. Rather, it should be which days you have your kids and which days your ex will have them. Even if you’re not a planner, having this set down ahead of time will help relieve your stress.


  1. Communicate! Sharing a plan should come right after making a plan. If you have set visitation days, make sure you know ahead of time when and where the kids will be picked up and dropped off. If anything changes with those plans, like running late or a location switch, communicate that as soon as you know it. You may not want to talk to your ex at all, but clear communication actually leads to establishing firmer boundaries between you.


  1. Take a moment for yourself. The summers are about family, but don’t forget about yourself in the process. Don’t try to make every meal yourself. Don’t try to spend every minute entertaining your kids. Don’t sacrifice more of your sleep than you can handle. In the chaos of fun family time, remember to set aside time to feel at home in your own body.


  1. Keep your children out of the issues. Even with the best planning, things don’t always go perfectly. If there are issues between you and your ex, remember your kid should stay uninvolved. They don’t need to pick a side or be waged like a chess piece in the middle. Even the most respectful relationships have moments of conflict, but try not to pass those feelings onto your kids.


Coparenting over the summers isn’t always easy, but remember that it all leads to more quality family time with your children. At Sutton Law Group, we are dedicated to your success. If you are going through a divorce or need any family help in Florida, contact Sutton Law Group today!

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