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5 Tips for Avoiding Construction Disputes

You want to avoid a construction dispute at all costs. A single dispute can escalate quickly to the point of legal action. One dispute can turn a profitable job into a financial loss. They can ruin a hard-working company’s reputation. They are stressful for every single party involved.

More often than not, construction disputes can be avoided with a little bit of forethought and a lot of communication. Keep in mind that every party just wants to do their job and be happy with the end product. Here are our 5 tips for construction companies that want to avoid any potential disputes:

Take Jobs You are Qualified For. This one falls on the contractor or company’s shoulders. Make sure you clearly understand the job you are signing up for before you take it, and that it is one you are capable of doing. Don’t jump from building a playground to building a skyscraper. It will pay off in the long run to not overextend yourself.

Double Check the Contract. The key to making sure everything is correct with your construction job is carefully drafting the contract. Make sure it clearly states everything anyone needs to know about the job and includes provisions for any possible outcomes. Seek legal help in double-checking the thoroughness of your contract before having anyone sign it.

Make a Realistic Schedule. Your construction schedule should be realistic and allot for time lost to unexpected challenges. Disputes can easily arise from shortsighted schedules intended to impress a business into working with your company. If you think it will take you two weeks to complete a job, consider telling them it will take three. You never know what is going to come up.

Manage Your Managers. Delegating your workload is a great way to get more done. Assign project managers and make sure they are properly trained to ensure success. These project managers can be on the lookout for any potential issues that could lead to disputes. These can get nipped in the bud before they worsen.

Stay Up To Date. One of the absolute most essential ways to avoid disputes is to communicate clearly and often. Keep anyone involved with the project up to date on how it is going. If there are any changes to the schedule, or signs of any issues, communicate those as early as possible. This is a great way to show everyone involved that you are serious about the outcome of the project.

Construction disputes are terrible to deal with, but they are almost always avoidable. Make sure to clearly draft your contract and communicate as much as necessary to protect yourself from legal trouble. For any issues with disputes, or if you were injured on a construction job, contact Sutton Law Group today. We’re here when and where you need us!

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