5 Signs Your Commercial Dispute Is Headed for Litigation

Commercial disputes are inevitable in business. No matter what the size of your company, you may end up in a situation where a customer isn’t paying your invoice, your supplier delivers substandard goods that you refuse to pay for, or you and your partner have a serious disagreement that could spell the end of the business.

Some commercial disputes are solved by an apology, making an overdue payment, or reaching an agreement with help from a trained mediator. Others may end up in court. Here are 5 signs that your situation is headed for litigation, making it advisable that you contact an experienced Miami business law attorney for advice.

Sign No. 1: They won’t compromise

If the dispute involves a lot of money, such as a large unpaid invoice, the other party may refuse to compromise. If all of your attempts at a fair and reasonable resolution fail to make them change or withdraw their demand, they’re more likely to take you to court to get what they want.

Sign No. 2: They report you to an outside authority

Did the other party post a negative review of your company to the Better Business Bureau? They may be venting their frustration – or they may be getting ready to escalate the matter. It’s even more significant if they report you to an entity that regulates your business. They’re clearly not willing to let the matter drop and may resort to litigation to obtain the result they want.

Sign No. 3: They stop responding to you

As long as you are in communication with the person, there’s a chance that an agreement can be reached. When they stop answering your calls, texts, or emails, that possibility is effectively cut off. It may only be a matter of time before you receive a summons and complaint.

Sign No. 4: They threaten to hire an attorney

If they threaten to get an attorney involved, it doesn’t always mean that they will end up suing you. They may be trying to intimidate you into giving them what they want. Still, the moment that they hint at attorney involvement, you should immediately protect yourself by contacting your own attorney.

Sign No. 5: Their attorney calls

When you receive a call or letter from an attorney who advises you that they represent the person, a future lawsuit is practically a given. No one spends money on retaining legal counsel simply to make empty threats. If you haven’t already retained the services of a business law attorney, the time to do so is now.

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Commercial disputes can be costly and detrimental to your business. The commercial litigation team at Sutton Law Group works with Florida companies ranging in size from small family-held operations to large national and multinational businesses. We are committed to devising solutions that help our clients solve their biggest legal challenges, and will treat your case as one to be resolved expeditiously and cost-effectively. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact us.


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