5 Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

We often believe that our loved ones are safe, secured, and well taken care of in a nursing home. However, our trust can be shattered when our loved ones experience abuse and negligence from the nursing home staff. Do you have a loved one who lives in a nursing home? If you do or know someone who does, these warning signs of nursing home abuse can help you save them.

1. Bruises or other injuries that have no definite cause.

Most times, injuries like bruises and fractures can mean that your loved one experienced an accident. However, when you ask the nursing home staff of what happened and don’t get a proper explanation, it could mean that the accident was caused by negligence or abuse.

2. Frequent and/or unexpected hospitalization.

When you hear your loved one suddenly got hospitalized, it’s natural to get frantic. In most cases, if you know that they were already suffering from certain health conditions, you’re prepared upon hearing that they’ve been hospitalized. However, if your loved one unexpectedly gets hospitalized and you have no clue as to what happened and why, it’s important to get to the bottom of things and have a complete understanding as to why they got hospitalized. If you’re unable to get proper answers, the case may be caused by negligence or abuse on the part of the nursing home staff.

3. Changes in your loved one’s mental state. It’s a common practice for nursing home staff to use chemical restraints to easily handle their tasks. So if you notice a sudden change in your loved one’s mental state and consciousness, take immediate action to find the cause and how it can be cured.

4. Changes in how your loved one acts towards other people. Most people living in nursing homes are sociable. If you notice your loved one isolating themselves from other people and not talking to anyone, find out what’s wrong. Get them to confide in you. If they won’t talk to you, it’s best to speak to the nursing home’s manager about what’s happened.

5. Fear of the nursing home staff. If your loved one is avoiding nursing home staff, there could be a problem. Take note of how they look at the nursing home staff. If they have a look of fear in their eyes, this could mean that they are afraid and are experiencing possible abuse.

If you notice any change in your loved one’s behavior and condition during their stay in a nursing home, there’s a possibility that they are suffering from nursing home abuse. These warning signs can greatly help you determine whether or not they are. Talk to your loved ones, as well as the nursing home staff, and ask them about the situation. It’s important to ensure that your loved ones are safe and treated the way that they deserve. If you have any questions about nursing home abuse, please contact us at (305) 667-4481.

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