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5 Reasons to Get a Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial Agreements were once seen as something for celebrities or serial daters on their fifth marriage. Over the past decade, it has become commonplace. As people are waiting longer and longer to get married, they are coming into marriage with more of their own personal life in place and are looking for ways to preserve that. A Prenuptial Agreement addresses what would happen if you and your partner were to ever break up. Originally considered to be a warning sign, it is now seen as a great starting point for important conversations that should happen before getting married.

If you are getting married, then you should also be getting a Prenuptial Agreement. No matter your situation. Here are our 5 reasons to get a Prenuptial Agreement:

Get a Clear Financial Picture. Having the conversation about Prenuptial Agreements allows both you and your fiancé to start having discussions about your financial situations. Most people get married for love, which can lead to them never even talking about something that will be a huge part of their lives going forward.

Divide Your Debt Accordingly. If one partner has massive amounts of debt – which is more and more likely considering the state of predatory student loans – then their partner is inheriting that debt by marrying them. In a Prenuptial Agreement, you can decide upfront that the debt will stay attached to who took it out in the first place and not end up the responsibility of someone who had no involvement in it.

Keep Your Investments. This is a positive discussion to have! If one or both of you are making investments or interested in it in the future, making a Prenuptial Agreement allows both of you to keep full interest in your own investments and not lose some of it to your partner. This is a great way for both of you to focus on what you are passionate about.

Addressing Income Disparity. If one fiancé makes significantly more money than the other, making a Prenuptial Agreement will allow you to have the conversation about what that means going forward and what could potentially happen in the future. This is obviously helpful in the rare “gold digger” situation, but much more commonly just a practical way to address obvious differences between the two.

Making a Plan For Children. It isn’t all about money! Making a Prenuptial Agreement allows you to start to have the conversation about children and about what roles each parent should undertake in raising them.

Ask For Help! Making a Prenuptial Agreement is important, and you don’t want to save it for the last moment before you walk down the aisle. Contact Sutton Law Group today to get started having the important conversations with your fiancé. Love isn’t just passion, it’s preparation and devotion too. At Sutton Law Group, expertise meets perseverance!

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