We work for those of you that have been injured by an unexpected event. The unexpected event may be an automobile accident, injury from dangerous product, injury on the job, or a combination of these. In some instances a party or target corporation is strictly liable for the consequences of its defective product. In specific fact patterns there is a presumption of fault. Often more than one party is involved or is the cause of an accident.

Sutton Law Group has experience proving others are at fault. Over these more than forty years, John R. Sutton Esq., founder of Sutton Law Group, has been a board certified civil trial lawyer for thirty five years and has faced a wide range of negligence, claims, product liability, claims, construction site accident claims and others too numerous to mention. There are Florida statutes, United States Code, American National Safety Institute standards, O.S.H.A. standards, and well established duties emanating from rules of conduct. We have a vast resource to draw from trial experience since 1972 on all sides of cases. We draw from our own experiences in trial courts and appellate courts.

Often Mr. Sutton will take on special cases where jurisdictions outside of Florida require his travel to a Court where he has been admitted for that particular case. All State and Federal Courts have provisions for licensure on a single case “ Pro Haec Vice. “ Mr. Sutton uses this procedure sparingly in catastrophic cases. He has been admitted to practice for single specialized clients in California, Louisiana, Iowa, Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, and New York. When the circumstances warrant we can accommodate those of you who wish to prosecute your claims.

Our lawyers provide skilled representation for all types of negligence cases. This includes:

Motor vehicle accidents — From car crashes to complicated private airplane crashes, we handle the full range of vehicle
accident cases.
Medical malpractice — If a medical provider made a mistake that injured you or someone in your family, we can help
you hold the provider accountable.
Premises liability — If you were injured by a dangerous property condition, we can help you pursue full and fair
compensation. This includes not only slip­and­fall accidents, but also negligent security and other cases.
Wrongful death — In general, a wrongful death claim is one in which it is alleged that someone died as a result of
another’s negligence. We understand what a difficult time this is in your life and are there for you.

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