In today’s business climate, there is a constant need for attorneys to protect the interests of innocent business entrepreneurs who are wronged by the actions of others. Insurance companies often avoid paying claims when they are legally obligated to do so. This can result in huge financial losses to individuals and businesses. Not only do individuals and businesses suffer a loss from various business ventures, but often, insurance companies fail to fulfill their obligations resulting from a loss. When this happens, Sutton Law Group, P.A., represents clients in pursuing claims against insurance companies or other responsible parties to protect those clients’ interests. The business world is rough, and sometimes harsh results come about from fair and proper business dealings. However, Sutton Law Group, P.A., represents companies and individuals taken advantage of by improper or illegal business activity. If you feel you have been cheated, misrepresented or treated unfairly in a business or commercial matter, contact Sutton Law Group, P.A., to review your contract and provide you with the appropriate representation.